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We may have missed something!  Send us any material, links, videos, or pictures to support it.  Tron Simpson is a news junkie (go figure), but because there is so much to report sometimes he misses a worthy story.  If you want to help or you have a story that needs to be told, send it to Tron and once he has verified the facts he may put it on the air for others to hear.
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Maybe you just want to send a comment or ask a question.  Tron reads every email sent and enjoys the connection with his audience.  Tron is thankful for the guidance from his viewers over the years.  In fact, it has been so many years that he has become grey haired doing what he loves and will continue the fight.
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We all know the big names like; Levin, Limbaugh, Savage, and Beck.  But what about all the others that have important information that are sometimes looked over.  What about all the persons that have spent years studying certain issues?  Well, Tron wants to hear from you!  By starting a conversation with Tron is the first step.  Tron is always looking for guests to make an appearance on his top named radio shows, why not you?
Send Tron Your Tips

Send Tron Your Comments

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